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The region is made up of over 20 clubs throughout the New England states and New York.

Schutzhund is a sport devoted to the working dog. A type of triathalon, dogs and handlers compete in tracking, obedience and a controlled protection routine. Schutzhund is a demanding yet rewarding sport designed to preserve the working abilities of all working breeds.     

Regional News

2017 NEWS 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 12:00:00 AM
The 2017 USCA Sieger Show - April 20 - 23, 2017
The website has launched!
Trophies are now available for sponsorship
Merchandise will be available on the website for purchase once we receive a prototype.  Advertisements for the catalog is available now.   We welcome ALL Vendor’s, and are accepting items for raffle donations of any kind, from our members
Feel free to contact me with any questions
Thanking you in advance for your support of USCA events
Michele Scarberry
USCA National Breed Warden



2015 Review from the Regional Director, Don Yelle 

Monday, April 25, 2016 1:53:00 PM


Our region had 16 out of the 70 entries at the USCA National Championships this past November. I would like to recognize Debbie Zappia for her first place finish two years in a row, Kevin Lanouette for his 13th place finish and Laurie Coppola for her 14th place finish.  

Our region also had 15 out of 64 entries in the 2015 Working Dog Championships.  Congratulations to Fabian Robinson for his first place finish, Laurie Coppola for her 8th place finish, Ron Mattana for his 14th place finish and  Mario Gomes for achieving the WDC Obedience Championship.  Fabian also took first place in the WDC FH Championships.

I would like to recognize Debbie Zappia, Frank Phillips and Laurie Coppola for representing USCA and our region at the 2015 USCA/GSDCA combined Qualification Trial held in Buffalo. I would also like to congratulate Debbie and Laurie for representing our organization and region at the 2015 WUSV World Championships.


I would like to congratulate Vadim Plotsker for winning the 2015 New England IPO Championships.

I would like to congratulate Louise Jollyman for winning the 2015 Regional Universal Siegren and Karen MacIntyre for winning the 2015 Regional Universal Sieger.  Louise and Karen won this with dogs that they had bred and handler-owner-trained.  Congratulations to Christine Gaumont for her 2015 Vice Regional Universal Siegren placing, also a dog bred and handler-owner-training by Christine.

I would like to recognize this year's Regional SiegerPepino von Arlett and Regional Siegren, Rhonda vom Amalaberg, both owned by George and Andrea Zamfirescu.

I would also like to thank Southern New Hampshire Working Dog Club, Schuzthund Club of Buffalo, Liberty Working Dog Club, Northeast K9 and Quinebaug Schutzhund Club for hosting last year's regional events.

List of Trials, Seiminars, Conformation Shows and Breed Surveys

  • Trials - 24 Trials  with 367 Entries - 293 Titles
  • Two Conformation Shows - 97 entries and 26 Breed Surveys
  • Regional Championship hosted by SNHWDC - 38 entries - IPO 3 - 29, IPO 2 - 6 and IPO 1 - 3.  20 Titles awarded
  • Helpers Seminar and Classifications - 5
  • Concord River Dog Training Club - Helper Seminar/Classification
  • Empire Working Dog Club - 1 Trial with 20 entries
  • First HGH Herding Club - 1 Trial with 5 entries
  • Inner City Working Dog Club - 1 Trial with 20 entries. 1 Helper Seminar/Classification
  • Interstate Working Dog Club - 1 Trial with 6 entries.  
  • Liberty Working Dog Club - 2 Trials with 25 entries. Regional Training Weekend
  • Lighthouse Schutzhund Club - 1 Trial with 11 entries
  • Maine Schutzhund Club - 2 Trials with 23 entries
  • Merrimack Valley Working Dog Club - 1 Trial with 20 entries
  • Mid Island Schutzhund Club - Helper Seminar/Classification
  • Niagara Frontier Working Dog Club - 1 Trial with 12 entries.  Working Dog Championships.  USCA/GSDCA combined Qualification Trial
  • Northeast K9 - 2 trials with 25 entries. Regional Training Weekend
  • Ocean State Schutzhund Club - 1 Trial with 11 entries
  • Pine Barrens Schutzhund Club- 1 Trial with 5 entries
  • Quinebaug Schutzhund Club - 2 Trials with 41 entries.  Regional Helper Seminar/Classification. National Helper Seminar/Classification.  Conformation Show with 53 entries.  Breed Survey with 17 entries
  • Schutzengel Working Dog Club - 1 Trial with 10 entries
  • Schutzhund Club of Buffalo - 2 Trials with 24 entries.  Helper Classification.  Regional Conformation show with 44 entries.  Breed Survey with 9 entries.
  • SouthCoast Working Dog Club - 1 Trial with 20 entries
  • Southern New Hampshire Working Dog Club - 2 Trials with 37 entries.  Regional IPO Championships
  • Tri-State Working Dog Club - 1 Trial with 17 entries

Good luck for 2016 to everyone.  

Don Yelle,

New England Regional Director


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